American Akita Puppies

American Akita Puppies · 04. October 2023
We present to your attention a new litter in ELECT of the GODS kennel. American Akita puppies were born on JUNE 27, 2023. There are 5 puppies in the litter.
American Akita Puppies · 24. October 2020
American Akita puppies in our kennel now 3 weeks! The little ones are taking their first steps, their eyes have opened, they already hear and are trying to play with each other! So funny!

American Akita Puppies · 04. October 2020
Hello! We inform you that in our kennel were born American Akita puppies! Birthday 03 October 2020.2 boys and 5 girls. All news and photos will be posted on the litter page
American Akita Puppies · 15. April 2020
Щенки американской акиты от родителей чемпионов породы. Отец - Интерчепион и #1 американская акита Украины 2018, мать чемпион нескольких стран. Щенки находятся в Харькове. Питомник гарантирует качество и здоровье щенков, поддержку владельцев. Доставляем по всей Украине самостоятельно. Доставка входит в цену. Заводчик +380951442221 Viber АНАСТАСИЯ ДЕГТЯРЕВА

American Akita Puppies · 24. March 2020
American Akita Kennel ALL FOR ALMIGHTY | Питомник американских акит ALL FOR ALMIGHTY
American Akita Puppies · 02. March 2020
American Akita FREYA - ALL FOR ALMIGHTY BEVERLY HILLS! American Akita Kennel ANGOL AMERICAN DREAM kennel and ALL FOR ALMIGHTY kennel presents a litter from a star pair of champions - 4 girl and 5 boys. Parents of puppies are breed champions, all ancestors are the best representatives of the breed and champions of the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

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