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American Akita Breed National Dog Show in Severodonetsk, UKRAINE, 07.03.21
Dog Show  · 08. March 2021
Our wonderful Akita team at the national dog show in Severodonetsk! Congratulations to everyone on the victories! Thanks to the experts for the ratings! Thanks to the organizers for a good, clean room, spacious rings, a prize fund, a well-run exhibition! We are preparing a complete video filming from 2 rings Until new meetings and new victories🏆🏆🏆 07.03.21 Severodonetsk Spring CAC UA
American Akita Puppies · 24. March 2020
American Akita Kennel ALL FOR ALMIGHTY | Питомник американских акит ALL FOR ALMIGHTY

American Akita Puppies · 02. March 2020
American Akita FREYA - ALL FOR ALMIGHTY BEVERLY HILLS! American Akita Kennel ANGOL AMERICAN DREAM kennel and ALL FOR ALMIGHTY kennel presents a litter from a star pair of champions - 4 girl and 5 boys. Parents of puppies are breed champions, all ancestors are the best representatives of the breed and champions of the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

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